Top business tips for the New Year

Top business tips for your business in 2017

Spring is a great time to reflect on last year and plan ahead for the next. There will no doubt beBusiness plan things that have gone well and things that have not gone so well. One thing’s for sure, if you keep doing what you are doing you will probably at best get more of the same or maybe worse.   In the hyper competitive world we live and work in, simple technology changes and new entrants to you market could turn your business world upside down!  So now is a great opportunity to plan ahead and give some thought to the following areas:

Item 1: Consolidate your database and segment your customers

How do you manage your data?  Most businesses will have several lists which makes it very difficult to work with. Typical lists might include;  Accounts package, e-commerce site, order books, delivery records etc.  All of this data can be exported and consolidated onto a single spreadsheet and then imported and sorted in a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) package. Why not try out the Activate CRM free for 30 days?

Item 2: Review your existing clients and customers

Identify your ideal customers by income and most importantly profitability! Map out their profile. Who are they, where are they located, why do they use your services, how did they find you or you find them?  What was the source of their enquiry, how do they ‘consume media’. Most importantly how could you get more customers like them? Equally so, review the clients that are least profitable and profile them.

Item 3: Understand your business proposition

Most businesses we work with have ‘over diversified’ and are trying to be all things to all people. Map out your ‘deliverables’ and most profitable products and services to your ideal customer or client.  Try and focus down to the 3 -5 most profitable ‘groups’ of product or service and identify and group clients and customers accordingly.

Item 4: What is your competitive advantage?

How well do you understand your competition? How do you provide a ‘UNIQUE’ benefit to your target audience?  Understanding or focusing harder on your Unique Selling Point (USP) will give you a competitive advantage over your competition and most importantly VALUE in the eyes of your clients and customers.

Item 5:  Get your marketing message right and out through the right channels

There are numerous channels to choose from in marketing. All that matters is that you choose the channels that your ideal customer uses to consume information!  That might be a local magazine, leaflet drop or newspapers if they are of a mature, traditional profile. Alternatively if they are a little less ‘traditional’ they might use Social Media, Apps and be very Mobile orientated.  Having a website that works well on both computers, laptops and mobile devises is essential. If your website is not responsive or have a mobile version for use on mobile devises, 2014 is the year to make that change!

Item 6: If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it

Huge amounts of Marketing spend is wasted. Henry Ford once said, “I know only half of my advertising works. The problem is, I don’t know which half.” 

In the digital era of today there is absolutely no excuse for not knowing what marketing works and what doesn’t. Here are some ideas for tracking and measuring response rate across different media:

  • Print advertising: have call tracking numbers unique to each campaign
  • Email campaigns: use HTML email systems to track opens, click through rates etc
  • Leaflets: have a redemption voucher or coupon for completion or return
  • Website: use a sign up form with a downloadable white paper or document

Item 7: Sell on value not price

Trying to gain advantage on price and being the cheapest is normally a race to the bottom. Worse still there will always be a competitor who undercuts you and their own throat in the process! Creating value is not as difficult as it sounds if you find out what your customer really WANTS and not just what they need.

Item 8: Focus on bottom line profit through healthy margins

You’ve heard the expression, Turnover is vanity, profit is sanity – well that’s true. There are businesses with multi million pound turnovers that still go bust because they were failing to make sufficient profit

Item 9: Cash is king

Cash flow is critical to the survival of any business. There is no point in having thousands of pounds owed by debtors if you can’t service your creditors. Creating incremental income collected by Direct Debit or taking payments up front by Credit Card could make a world of difference in your business.

Tip 10: Have a written business plan covering; Marketing, finance and operations and human resources.

It is vital to commit to paper a written plan setting out what your business aims to achieve.  A basic plan needs to identify who your target audience is, what their need is and how you are going to satisfy it profitably!  To achieve all of that you need to know about your; competition, your own strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.  Most importantly your plan needs to be dynamic and adjust for changes in the market, economy, completion, technology and the law to name but a few variables!

Hopefully this list of ten items will give you food for thought. For a more detailed discussion and FREE marketing review of your business please give our office a call!


Top ten recommendations we have made to businesses following their marketing review

Marketing Review

Marketing Review

Most of our in-bound enquiries come from small business owners concerned that their often ‘traditional’ marketing activity does not seem to be working anymore.  We carry out hundreds of Marketing Reviews each year and have identified thousands of ideas for improving the marketing of a wide range of businesses.  This summer during the quieter month of August we decided to list the most common opportunities we have identified for businesses.

The list below identifies the top ten recommendations we have made to businesses following their marketing review. How many would apply to your business? 

  1. Building a marketable database:
    • Capturing all contact details and permissions to communicate; email, phone, mail etc
  2. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) package:
    • Grouping and segmenting contacts
    • Maintaining notes, histories and scheduling activity
    • Conducting surveys for feedback
    • And most importantly, FOLLOW UP on leads and enquiries!
  3. Having an editable, responsive website:
    • Regular blog content
    • Built in Social Links and videos
    • Published Testimonials and case studies
    • Google Analytics enabled
    • Google Adwords Account set up
  4. Using data capture forms in websites linked to autoresponder email campaigns:
    • Data capture forms embedded in landing pages
    • Webforms generated in CRM set up to trigger autoresponder campaigns
  5. Engaging with customers through Social Media using Twitter, Facebook and YouTube:
    • Having a communication calendar to plan and schedule ‘On Message’ posts linked back to the website.
    • Ability to post Photos, Videos, Tweets and updates using a smart phone
  6. Sending regular email newsletters to customers and prospects:
    • Sending regular email newsletters using a ‘Bulk Email’ carrier
    • Reviewing email reports and following up on email activity (opens and click throughs)
  7. Have consistently branded business stationery, leaflets and brochure:
    • Professional branded stationery with all contact details including social links
    • Use of Quick Reference QR Codes to help direct traffic to website
  8. Providing staff with branded uniforms:
    • Good quality and condition clothing with clear branding and contact details
  9. Signage and vehicle livery:
    • Clear, modern up to date signage and livery with all contact details and Social Links
  10. Promotional products:
    • Branded APPROPRIATE ‘give aways’ with up to date contact details

Every business needs to deploy appropriate marketing activity depending on who their target audience is and how they should communicate with them depending on their needs.  The great thing about the digital marketing era we live in is that great results can be achieved by any business on a relatively small budget.

If you would like to discuss your marketing and receive a FREE marketing review please contact Steve Rees

Great marketing wins a world wide order for a local High Street shop

We provide a retained marketing service for a number of High Street shops including Rutherfords and the Big Trophy Shop in Wellingborough.

It’s always really pleasing when some great marketing wins a world wide order for a local High Street Shop … after all the British High Street is reported to be ‘as good as dead’ if you believe the comments in recent reports in the media.

Screenshot 2015-09-07 16.35.17The Telegraph carried an article containing the the following grim reading;

‘The report will say that 47pc of the country’s retail companies — over 20,000 businesses — are in financial difficulty, based on detailed financial analysis of their accounts’

There is no doubt that footfall on most High Streets has reduced over the past ten years and that internet traffic has grown. If a high street shop is reliant on just footfall than obviously trade will have reduced, so why not enjoy the best of both world and trade online?

That is exactly what Rutherfords and the Big Trophy Shop, two classic high street shops have done and the results have been very impressive!  The Big Trophy Shop has implemented an Activate Marketing Plan which includes a range of activities including:

  • Rutherfords Locksmiths


    Regular email Newsletters with links back to the website (The Big Trophy Shop has built a database of over 10,000 customers using; data capture forms online, strategically placed Lead Boxes and an eBay account)

  • Google Adwords with a set budget per day
  • Monthly blog articles including plenty of ‘key words’ for which the site wants to be found
  • Daily Twitter posts with links back to webpages to update their followers
  • Facebook posts to keep their growing list of ‘Friends’ updated and again link back to the website


So what exactly has been achieved by this high street shop venturing online?

  • Sales have grown from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands in a couple of years more than matching their high street shop sales!
  • New customers have been won, both big and small, from customers who would never have visited Wellingborough as they are based in other countries.  The biggest order to date has come from the World Poker Tour who literally run events on a global basis!  That enquiry came directly from the website where our sponsored links through Google Adwords helped The Big Trophy shop compete with other businesses all over the UK.  An order from the Global Sustainability Film Awards held at BAFTA was initiated from a Tweet posted with #Trophy in the text and was found in a search by an intern searching Twitter!

High Street Shops are clearly going to struggle if they rely on footfall from passing trade. However, by building an online shop and marketing it well there is no reason why they can’t enjoy the best of both worlds and trade both on and off line.

If you are running a shop, restaurant or cafe why not give us a call to discuss your marketing options. If you do not have an up to date plan for your marketing activity we can help put this together whilst you focus on your business.  

Call: 01536 310380 and ask for Steve or call his mobile: 07957 598317

As the old saying goes; ‘People don’t plan to fail, most simply fail to plan’

Membership Sales and Marketing for gyms

Screenshot 2015-03-23 16.21.45The health and fitness sector in the UK is a very tough market right now.  The perceived value of a membership has fallen dramatically so unless you are one of the low cost operators charging less than £15 per month, your gym will be finding it tough. Membership sales and marketing for gyms is a crucial part of your business especially if you are competition with a low cost operator.

At the same time the price of a coffee at Starbucks and Costa has increased to nearer £3 per cup and coffee shops all over the UK are packed with people probably spending a months worth of health club subscription in a week on coffee and cake.  To understand why this has happened you have to look at the facts:

  • Most people live in pursuit of pleasure and the avoidance of pain. (its human nature!)
  • Instant gratification. A hot cup of coffee achieves that
  • People enjoy company, companionship, conversation and FUN

So ask your self some key questions about your gym..

  • How do we sell the ‘pleasure’ of being a member and persuade my members that it DOES NOT have to be painful to workout?  How do I portray the longer term pleasure of being, fit, mobile, attractive and healthy rather than the pain of being ill, inflexible lacking in stamina and a burden to my family..
  • How do we sell the pleasure of feeling great after a workout,  The improved night sleep and the reduced stress levels
  • How do we sell the fun of being a member, the enjoyment of making new like minded friends, the companionship.

We provide a Mystery Shopper service to a wide range of gyms and health clubs and get to experience how membership is presented and sold. The potential for improvement is HUGE as most Gyms and health clubs fail to operate a professional membership sales system that puts people in an irresistible position to buy!

We have recently established our Membership Sales and Marketing Academy to help train gym staff to get people BUYING to see details of our next course please click here.

Activate also provides Sales Agency staff to help gyms step up their membership sales campaigns.  We also work with MyFitPass which is an excellent online marketing system for gyms and provides a ‘Pay as you go’ workout service for the public.

Kickstarter launch for MyFitPass

Kickstarter funding for MyFitPass!


MyFitPass logo

MyFitPass is a startup project based in Birmingham that needs £30,000 of development funding to complete the e-commerce directory website of health and fitness clubs and gyms and corresponding Mobile App.

MyFitPass aims to give its free ‘membership’ the facility to buy passes to gyms on a ‘Pay as You Go’ basis.

The project aims to achieve funding through Kickstarter a popular crowd funding site based in America that has helped raise over £30 million for UK start ups.

To view the MyFitPass Kickstarter page click here

Event sponsorship with The Big Trophy Shop

Sponsorship considerations & examples by client, The Big Trophy Shop

We live in a very commercial world where everything seems to be a sponsorship opportunity.  At the very top of the sponsorship world we have companies like Sky sponsoring the premier league for incredible sums of money whilst more modest sponsorship deals are struck between local firms and their local football team.

Whatever the size of the deal, there are still a number of key check to make to ensure the sponsorship deal is worth doing.

  1. Is there a logical ‘Fit’ to the deal?  Sponsorship of team, activity, event, vehicle etc. gives the sponsor an opportunity to present their brand to a targeted audience.  How appropriate are that audience to the sponsor?  Ultimately will the sponsorship lead to potential enquiries or improved reputation to the sponsor.  Sponsorship does not have to be a hard commercially driven deal, sometimes the ‘association’ achieved through the sponsorship can be very positive for the sponsors reputation and position in the community.
  2. How much big is the reach?  Every event has an audience and clearly television rights to the premier league has huge potential. Sky also provides satellite TV services so the fit between event and audience is perfect.  However, if the audience is very small the sponsorship may be questionable.
  3. What additional opportunities can be exploited?  Sponsorship of anything will provide photo and PR opportunities.  Publishing stories on the sponsorship can generate huge coverage through local media, blogs, social media etc.

Examples of event sponsorship by The Big Trophy Shop


Steve Rees presents a good governance award at BAFTA tve Global Sustainability Film Awards

We provide a retained marketing service for The Big Trophy Shop who have found great success in sponsoring prestigious awards events such as the tve Global Sustainability Awards at BAFTA and the Northamptonshire Business Excellence Awards.

The tve Global Sustainability Awards are themselves sponsored by a very prestigious list of national companies and the event is attended by over three hundred senior business executives. The Big Trophy Shop sponsored the Good Governance Award.




Advert in the event programme.

Big Trophy Shop advert in tv/e programme

Big Trophy Shop advert in tv/e programme

The tve Global Sustainability Awards programme provided excellent exposure to the three hundred attendees in the David Niven auditorium at BAFTA.  The event was followed by a gala dinner at BAFTA where further copies of the programme were available to all guests.

The 2014 awards were a huge success attracting thirty-three film entries from all over the world. All of the entrants demonstrated through their films the highest levels of innovation and creative thought for the environment.

The Big Trophy Shop proudly supplied the awards for this most prestigious event.

If you would like to speak to The Big Trophy Shop about Trophies for your next corporate event or awards night they can be contacted on:  Telephone: 01933 279812



Northamptonshire Business Awards 

Screenshot 2015-03-06 09.40.11

Steve Rees and Simon Weston present the Worker of Year trophy to Jack Fitzhugh from Tompkins Joinery

The Big Trophy Shop supplied all the trophies for the Northamptonshire Business Awards event and also sponsored the award category of ‘Worker of The Year award’.   Simon Weston, former Welsh Guards soldier who was injured in the Falklands war, hosted the event and delivered an excellent speech on motivation and the importance of keeping going even when the going gets tough.  Simon also hosted the award ceremony and is pictured with Jack Fitzhugh from Tompkins Joinery who was presented with the Worker of the year award by Steve Rees of Activate on behalf of The Big Trophy Shop.


If you would like to discuss how sponsorship could benefit your business and how Activate can help plan and represent you at an event please call Steve on 07957 598317

If you would like to speak to The Big Trophy Shop about Trophies for your next corporate event or awards night they can be contacted on:  Telephone: 01933 279812

Data capture made easy


1.  ASK FOR IT! If you don’t ask, the answer will always be no. Asking a customer for their details is really very simple but some staff and business owners just don’t like to do it. I cannot imagine why you wouldn’t ask a client, or customer for their details, but you can make it easier by:

i. Creating an incentive, offer something for FREE. (people are generally happy to give an email address in return for something of value to them)

ii. Ask them to fill in a card with their comments or recommendations. This not only provides valuable feedback, but makes the customer feel that thei

Hawkshead Relish Lead Box

r opinion is valued.

iii. Install a Lead Box in a prime location either in your business, at an exhibition or show, or in another business with a similar target market.

An “opted” in database is very valuable

2.WEBSITE FORMS. Give people a reason to sign up via your website (using a signup form that is connected to your CRM database) by offering them an incentive. Give them the opportunity to subscribe to your newsletters, offers and promotions. Once someone has entered their details onto your website make sure they get an email in response to their entry or enquiry by setting up an auto-responder. All of this can be set up using the Activate CRM sign up forms and auto responders

3.FACEBOOK SIGN UP. Set up a form on your business facebook page using one of the many tools available. (like woobox) Use HTML code generated from your CRM so that customer details go straight into a specific group within your CRM contact list.

4.QR CODE. Use a QR code with a sign up form. This can be put on any of your marketing material, shop window, posters, vehicles, leaflets, adverts, headed paper, business cards etc. Don’t forget to always include an auto-responder email to thank people for entering your competition or signing up for your newsletter.

5.REFERRAL. Good old word of mouth! This is such a powerful resource that is often underutilised. Ask your existing customers to refer a friend, or business. By offering an incentive to your old and new customers alike everyone benefits!

Your customers, leads, and supplier details are crucial to the success of your business. If you collect this data continuously and send out useful, relevant, targeted communications regularly you will remain top of mind of your customers.  After all, it is up to YOU to remind them about your business or service, not up to them to remember you!

All of the above can be achieved simply and affordable using an Activate Lead Box and CRM system. For more information please contact Steve or Jenine on 01536 310380, or email us at

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How to get more organised with Activate CRM

Your Doctor does it, your bank does it, even your garage does it!

We all have to see the Doctor now and again and visit the bank most weeks.Doctor image We book our cars in for servicing and MOTs and take it for granted that they will all know who we are, have detailed records and notes of prescriptions, transactions and service history.  Without up to date ‘Customer Relationship Management ‘ (CRM) records these organisations could not function and yet it’s amazing how many how many small to medium sized businesses think CRM is complicated, expensive and something only big companies should do!

It’s not complex (or doesn’t have to be) and when done well, makes your business look professional and ahead of the game!  Could you imagine going into your bank and them not knowing when you last took money out or when you last spoke to them? Or going to see your doctor and them having no idea of your past history with them or what treatments you have received? If this happened then I am pretty sure you would say ‘thanks but I need to bank/be treated by a professional’ and yet many organisations are very poor when it comes to their own customers and their own recording of information.

CRM or Customer Relationship Management to give it its full name is a very simple idea really. All it looks to do is allow you to store information about your Customers, the Relationship you have with them and then Manage them in an easy to access way!  Imagine having all of your customer contact details, past emails, notes and histories in one place accessible wherever you can get internet access. Imagine being able to add tasks or even assign tasks to other team members and being able to track what everyone is doing with each contact.  Activate CRM is a great tool for any small business but it really comes into its own when you have more than one person who needs to access your contacts, that could include your bookkeeper or virtual PA if you have one. The really great thing about the Activate CRM is the range of things you can do from it such as; send an email newsletter, create a survey, broadcast a text message post to Facebook and Tweet to your Twitter Followers and even record your leads and sales!

How embarrassing would it be to contact a key customer and ask about a project or the status of an issue to then find out that one of your colleagues phoned them 30 minutes ago and got the answer!

Now if your colleague had taken 30 seconds to add a ‘contact history’ to the customers record to say;

‘phoned John from XYZ Company and issue is now solved, customer is happy’…then

a) You would not have wasted your own time

b) You would not have looked like an idiot on the phone to the customer and

c) The customers perception of your company would not be ‘oh dear, don’t those guys talk to each other’!

How great would it be to speak to that customer next time and be able to:

  1. Remember to call them in the first place (because your CRM reminded you)
  2. Look back and see what you talked about in your last call (because your CRM showed the history)
  3. Know that they had just tweeted they were happy about winning a new deal (because your CRM had shown their most recent tweets)
  4. See they had just clicked on one of your email campaigns about a new technology (because your CRM showed all of their history on your campaign emails)

They say knowledge is power and it’s so true when it comes to business relationships and sales. Show the customer you know all of this (and then focus on what’s key for them) and your fast on the road to more business. Record nothing and know nothing and it won’t be long before your customers become ex customers!

CRM has been overly complicated by many software companies but at Activate CRM we have made it simple. We have lots of different types of businesses storing basic information on their customers and then using this information wisely and cleverly to win more business. Companies from every different industry are generating £000’s of repeat revenue just by doing some simple basics and using an easy to use and simple CRM system such as Activate CRM!

So be honest with yourself? Do you want to look like an amateur or a professional? Do you want to wow customers with what you know about them or do you want to wave them goodbye because they’re frustrated at your inability to get yourself organised!

If you are up for the first option then have a look at Activate CRM and see how were helping others! Why not give the Activate CRM package a trial run, FREE for thirty days!  To take us up on this click here.

Valuing your internal brand

brand valuesValues (noun): The worth, desirability or usability of a thing, or the qualities on which these depend.  One’s principles or standards of what is valuable or important in life.

We often talk about the importance of having values. But what do we really mean?

Hold or Roll by Manly Grant, Rhymes for the Land

Rocks hold firm while water’s might

Sends pebbles rolling left and right.

Call pebbles rock? Set firm their goal?

First flash flood, still pebbles roll.

Not name, nor goal divide the two.

It’s how they act. It’s what they do.

Size dictates to stone, but you’re in control.

Are you rock or pebble? Will you hold or roll?

(source: Gung Ho!  Ken Blanchard & Sheldon Bowles)


This short poem has been a cornerstone of my beliefs on employee engagement for almost 20 years. Post credit crunch and recession, having company values that are clear and well articulated is now more important than ever for sustainable businesses in 21st century UK.  Here’s why…

Throughout my career I have chosen and deselected my employers not on what they say, but on what they do.  And I am not alone.

True, economic downturns often mean that employers may have the upper hand in making people remain in jobs when they’re not really happy. However, just because someone is turning up it doesn’t mean that they’re fully bought in and giving 100% – especially when no one is looking. Depending on how people are treated the physical contract may appear to be intact but the psychological contract may have gone through the shredder. Once economic recovery really takes off, these employees will be searching for pastures new.

So what are your company values? Are they clear and understood by all? Have you made the link between what you say your values are to the way you expect people behave at work? And this includes the values and behaviours that you demonstrate as a business leader.

Your values will determine your internal brand and your employees will demonstrate your brand through their competence and their behaviour. Ask yourself:

  • How well are your company values reflected in your recruitment and appraisal processes?
  • Are people rewarded for demonstrating the right values towards customers and colleagues and then challenged when inappropriate behaviours happen?
  • Does this reward and challenge philosophy operate consistently and effectively throughout your company?

Communicating your values is essential.  These need to align with both customer expectations and employee viewpoints too. Watch this very short video of how Virgin Atlantic used their TV ad to not just celebrate their 25 years of success but also to make the link of how being one of their customers and being one of their employees can be such a great thing. Look out for the words, ‘I need to change my job’ and ‘I need to change my ticket’.

Beyond theory imageIn summary your company values need to be clear for everyone to understand. They become your guiding light. Your values will attract like-minded people – i.e. your employees as well as your customers. Your values will articulate your brand, internally as well as externally. Ultimately your customers and your people will not only judge you by your values but also how you live by them.

It’s worth remembering that when business is good and things are going well, living the values is easy. However, the real test of any value system is when things don’t go to plan, when circumstances outside your control take a grip and when big and tough decisions have to be made.

At Beyond Theory we provide business training and coaching to help employers of all shapes and sizes to develop their own values, their brand and their company culture. Everything we do is backed up with the latest research from the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD) and Engage for Success movement. We find the Marketing Hub a useful place to learn about and then debate marketing best practice. This helps us as business leaders to make the links between products, processes and people to continue to be successful in today’s business world.

However, at the end of the day and no matter how much business education you receive, it is you that will need to decide whether you are a rock or a pebble – will you hold or will you roll?

Paul Beesley

Senior Consultant

Beyond theory logo



For more information on creating your employer brand and how to increase the levels of your engagement with employees please contact Paul on 01604.212505 or email him at

How to make sales in my home based business

make sales from your home based office

Make sales from your home based office

The number of people working from home has grown significantly in recent years perhaps you are one of them?  We certainly got started in a small study area and have found the whole situation quite challenging!  One of the main problems we faced was not having a CRM or sales system for all the team to use. Back in our corporate life we had a full blown sales platform running on a server and network of computers.  Fortunately the world of IT has changed significantly in recent years with the emergence of the Cloud which enables software packages to run online and is therefore available wherever there is an internet access.  We have since set up our own Activate CRM package for small businesses and provide support and training for fifty users to help them make more sales. So how does the Activate CRM package help small businesses make sales?

There are four key steps in the Activate CRM sales system that can be applied to any business and dramatically improve sales performance:

Step 1: Data capture at points of contact:

How many points of contact does a potential customer have with your marketing material and how could you capture their details and start communicating with them:

  • Website: Position a Form (generated through the Activate CRM) onto your website or landing page and incentivise people to register their details.  You could offer a free download or entry into a prize draw for anyone who leaves their contact details.
  • Mobile Web form:  Most Smart phones will run Quick Response (QR) code readers which use the phones camera to scan and read a code and then open a webpage.  We can help you place a CRM generated form onto a webpage which will open on any smart phone. The person scanning the QR code then completes the mobile form and their contact details are loaded into your CRM account.
  • Lead Box:  If you have a counter in your shop, restaurant or exhibition stand you can use one of our bespoke Perspex Lead Boxes to help capture customer details.  These Lead Boxes can be customised with your own branded slide in panels and provide data cards in the holder

 Step 2: Start communicating!

One of the great features of our Activate CRM is the facility to setup email campaigns that can be sent automatically as part of a planned campaign.  These Auto-responder Campaigns are very powerful as they enable you to automate marketing activity, set up new leads and assign tasks for follow up 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!  Your Activate CRM system could be selling whilst you sleep!

Step 3: Open Auto-responder email reports and identify follow up opportunities

Once a campaign has started and automatic emails are being sent out it is possible to see who is opening them, what they are clicking on and therefore who to follow up on!  It stands to reason that if someone has opened your email, they’re probably interested in your products or services! We class these ‘opens’ as ‘Prospects’ If they have also clicked a link and looked at your website links they are definitely interested and could be classed as ‘Hot Prospects’ and well worth following up on with a personal email or phone call if you have their number.

Step 4: Follow and book appointment or make a sale

Following up a Prospect or Hot Prospect is so much easier when you know they have read your email and looked at your website.  All you have to do is book an appointment, table or even take a sale over the phone.  How much better off would your business be if you had a Sales System like this? Please call 01536 310380 to discuss this further

To sign up for your FREE 30 DAY TRIAL click here and let Activate help you improve your sales today!