Membership sales and marketing

Screenshot 2015-03-19 17.24.52Managing a successful health and fitness business is challenging.

Managing your staff, maintaining your building and equipment, keeping on top of your finances all takes time but nothing is more important than having the income you need!

Without the right levels of income your business will run out of cash and fail.

Your income is determined by three key factors, which are each dependent on three critical performance areas:

1. Membership sales and marketing activity and performance

  • Number of leads generated from your marketing
  • Percentage of Leads converted to sales
  • Average subscription price and membership capacity

2. Membership retention and repeat sales activity

  • Membership induction and management
  • Internal marketing and communications
  • Operational performance and member satisfaction levels

3. Secondary income streams

  • Internal marketing and communication of offers and promotions
  • Diversification of products and services
  • Ability to leverage database, cross sell and exploit synergies.

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When all three of these key factors are addressed your business will stabilize and start to grow.

You will start to enjoy a monthly ‘net-gain’ to your membership and maximize the income potential of your business…. Managing and paying your staff, maintaining your building and equipment will be less of a challenge and best of all, keeping on top of your finances will be enjoyable!

You will be running the business you dreamed of not the nightmare you have ended up with!



So how can we help you achieve all of this for your business?

Firstly we can help you quickly improve your visibility, generate new leads and sell your products and services online through MyFitPass, our very own sales and marketing platform for Health and fitness business.

Secondly we offer a wide range of membership sales and marketing services to help you develop your business.  Our consultancy services will help you plan your marketing activity from graphic design, email and SMS marketing, Social Media, print through to implementation.

Thirdly we can help you step up your membership sales and marketing performance by either providing you with trained ‘Agency’ staff on a temporary or permanent basis or training for your existing staff through our membership Sales and Marketing Academy.

So, if you would like to review the sales and marketing performance of your business then why not give us a call for a free no obligation chat.

Our lead consultant, Steve Rees has over twenty-four years experience in the Health and Fitness industry and has owned his own health club.  Steve has managed the opening campaigns for fourteen clubs and been responsible for tens of thousands of membership sales during his career.  We guarantee to identify three marketing ideas for you when we meet

We look forward to helping you maximise the performance of your business!