retained marketing management

Retained Marketing Management

Marketing a business in the digital era requires continuous activity on social media and your website to create a steady flow of fresh content for the likes of Google and Facebook to digest and present to satisfy the demands of their users.  For most business owners, this creates a real challenge.  You’re already flat out running the business, managing staff and keeping your customers happy. Activate was formed in 2009 to provide a retained marketing management service to help small business owners, like you, with their marketing needs.  Marketing should start with a clear plan to understand two main areas:

  • Purpose: Why do we exist and what is it we do?
  • People: Who are the people we ‘exist for’ to serve?

Our retained marketing management service will start with that simple outlook and continue through to on-going marketing communications as set out in the marketing plan. This content plan will include scheduled activity for blog articles, social media posts and email communications. In addition to such online activity, there will be opportunities to use local media such as news publications, magazines and outdoor media to further extend visibility and reach for the business. We are happy to meet with and manage relationships with media sales reps and ensure that advertising purchases are in line with the marketing plan.

Marketing a business is all about reaching the right audience at the right time with the right message to trigger a response and generate a business lead. Every business is different but all have a common need for retained marketing management services to ensure that what needs to be planned and implemented actually happens.

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