We help small businesses plan and implement their sales and marketing, a process that typically starts with a strategic review of your marketing plan. What we often find is a lack of strategy and a range of 'tactical' activities that are very ad-hoc. This might include social media activity through channels that a member of staff may have chosen but your audience does not use.

We start with a very simple three-point approach

1. Purpose; What is it you do and why do people buy from you? What's your USP
2. People; Who do you need to reach to fullfil your purpose?
3. Plan;  How are you going to make this happen?

The chances are, you're so busy working IN your business that you do not have the time to work ON your business and this is where we can help.

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Steve Rees


Steve founded Activate Business Development in 2009 to help small businesses plan and implement their marketing following a ten year corporate career and further six years as Chief Executive of Balance Leisure Ltd, a company he founded in 2003.

An MBA Diploma from Henley Management College has taught Steve how to professionally analyse businesses and write strategic action plans to achieve growth and long term sustainability.  The cornerstone and secret to Steves success has been his ability to generate and implement innovative marketing ideas and create winning business propositions in crowded, competitive markets.

Activate Business Development specialise in Marketing Planning and implementation through to long term, part time Marketing Management contacts.


Elaine Fairbrother

Graphic Designer

Hi, my name is Elaine and I am the Graphic Designer for Activate Business Development.

I have over 20 years of valuable Graphic Design experience designing advertising and marketing material. I take great pride in the design work I create and always strive to deliver effective, focused and on-target product that fits our client’s needs and objectives.


Joshua Windatt

Website Development

I'm Josh, website design and development for Activate Business Development.

Great website design engages with the intended audience whilst transferring information effortlessly. Part of website design is finding inspiration and rebranding that to suit a clients/ businesses personality. I actively enjoy the search for inspiration and reworking until a finished product is formed. Websites are a sales tool to generate a ROI. A website builds customer trust by presenting a professional front and delivering the information a prospect requires to the next step of the buying process. Steve and Activate BD chooses the right marketing for the industry, business and client, creating a professional end point for prospects to become further informed is all part of this process.

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