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Marketing for small and medium-sized businesses is an uphill battle. Limited budgets often restrict their access to essential resources such as cutting-edge technology, and specialised professionals. The result? Wasted time and money that could be better spent on customer service and core business operations.

Time constraints add to the challenge as SME owners juggle multiple responsibilities, leaving little room for strategic planning. Furthermore, the ever-evolving nature of marketing creates a knowledge gap, hindering their ability to stay updated on effective strategies. Lastly, the absence of sophisticated analytics tools makes measuring and analysing marketing efforts a significant hurdle.


We have easy to understand processes to ensure we don't miss any details about your business and how we can best serve your marketing needs. Below is a short preview showing how we think about working with your business and the processes we employ.





Marketing Audit

A marketing audit gives you an insight into your business and where and how we can be most impactful.


Define Objectives

Understand and outline your personal and business objectives.


Marketing Plan

Plan how you can achieve your marketing objectives following our learnings.


Build/ Implement

Build your plan into a reality through practised methods with measurable results.


Manage/ Measure

We're looking for solid results but understanding where these results work best is important so we can tweak the formula and continuously improve.

1. Strategy (Vision, Mission, objectives)

2. Plan (PESTLE, SWOT etc)

3. People (Skillset, experience etc)

4. Tech (Market required to deliver message to audience)

5. Budget (Spend to achieve objectives based on sale projection and cost of people and tech)


Service are tailored to individual customer needs, nevertheless, most of our work can be broken into three categories. Case studies such as LINK 1 and LINK 2 are great examples of our partners initially taking on smaller projects and then retaining our services following results.


Understand some of the specific solutions we employ to get your marketing machine...

Marketing Plan

We offer a free marketing audit to all prospective Plan clients and guarantee to come up with three ideas that will improve their business.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an essential part of your marketing plan. This CRM package can be used to help manage your relationship with both Prospects and Clients.

Telephone Marketing Consultation

Your marketing is vital to the success of your business, without leads, footfall or enquiries you will not be making the sales you need to generate an income. Marketing is a huge topic and every business has unique requirements based on their sector, product / services, market however, there are five key areas of marketing that have to be addressed by every business, and that is what we can help you with..

Direct Mail

Activate Direct Mail is a powerful method for sending campaigns material to your clients, prospects or business partners and staff. It speeds up the process, reduces costs and enhances the accuracy of your mailing lists.

Lead Box

One of the first questions we ask prospective clients is; “Do you have a ‘Database’ for your business?” The vast majority don’t and list this as a priority to be sorted out. We set up a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) package and explore the best way of collecting customer data. Our Lead Box product is perfect for any venue with high footfall and where people would be interested in receiving newsletters, event details, offers etc. We have installed this product in a number of shops, restaurants and health clubs and the results have been amazing! By using our Lead Box clients have been able to gather between 30 – 100 customer records per week all of which can be input by us into your Activate CRM system.

Marketing Readiness Quiz

Turbocharge Your Leads

We transform SME businesses by finding and engaging the right target audience with the right messages through the most appropriate communication channels. Take our Quiz and understand what's important when marketing your SME.

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