Customer and Recipient Data Retention Policy

Customer and Recipient Data Retention Policy

This data retention policy sets out the periods in which we will retain personal data on systems and servers operated by Activate B D Ltd.
This includes personal data of third parties provided by the customer of Activate B D Ltd in respect of which Activate B D Ltd is a data processor (defined as Recipient Information in our terms and conditions) and data which we collect about our customers and prospects in respect of which we are the data controller.

Activate B D Ltd platform (service data – accessible by the customer)

Live accounts (accounts accessible by our customers) – 3 months

Comprising of Recipient Information, suppression lists (including unsubscribed contacts), reporting data and email campaign data supplied by our customer and in respect of which Activate B D Ltd is data processor only.

Accounts are deleted from the live servers 3 months after account termination, cancellation, or as otherwise requested by our customer.

Live accounts – Backup data – 6 months

Backup data is not accessible by the customer. All customer accounts are backed up in archive files for disaster recovery purposes. Due to the way the backups are archived, it is not possible to remove individual accounts from the backup archives.

All backup archives rotate after 6 months. So, any deleted accounts will remain in backups for a maximum of 6 months.

Mailchimp platform (service data – internal)

Server log files – 2 years

Server logs contain access logs for the web servers and email delivery logs, they are generated daily and removed after 2 years.

Platform account details – 7 years

When a live account is deleted, the record containing the customer account details will be retained for a period of 7 years from the date on which the live account is deleted.

Billing system details – 7 years

Billing system details contain the customer records including account invoice history. This also includes support email tickets and remains on our system for 7 years from the data on which the live account is deleted or the date on which our services cease.

Suppression list – 50 years

Global suppression list containing email addresses, including complaints, where we have been asked by the contacts to add them to a global suppression list to ensure emails are not sent to them by our customer and where the sole use of such personal data is to ensure future emails are not sent to that individual – 50 years.

Live chat data – 7 years from date of chat

Website live chat system.

*CRM database / opt in mailing list – unengaged contacts removed after 7 years

Prospect and customer records from website web forms.

*Meeting schedule software – 7 years from date of meeting or online demo

Booking system for calls and online demos.

*These systems are provided by a third-party service namely Insighly

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