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One of the first questions we ask prospective clients is; “Do you have a ‘Database’ for your business?” The vast majority don’t and list this as a priority to be sorted out. We set up a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) package and explore the best way of collecting customer data. Our Lead Box product is perfect for any venue with high footfall and where people would be interested in receiving newsletters, event details, offers etc. We have installed this product in a number of shops, restaurants and health clubs and the results have been amazing! By using our Lead Box clients have been able to gather between 30 – 100 customer records per week all of which can be input by us into your Activate CRM system.

We provide the following services on a weekly or monthly basis depending on specific needs:

  • Send bespoke branded e-Newsletters to promote News, Events and Offers. (Linked back to the clients website)
  • Carry out Customer Satisfaction Surveys to gather vital feedback on business performance
  • Short Message Service (SMS) for last minute promotions and urgent messaging
  • Mail Merge letters to communicate with customers who don’t use / read their email!

Our Lead Box service includes:

  • A branded Perspex box designed to encourage people to post their details on cards we provide.
  • Branded cards for your customers to complete
  • Reply Paid envelopes for you to post your cards back to us
  • A cloud based CRM package to capture and process your data
  • A design and copy writing service to ensure that your newsletters, mailings etc. are produced and sent
  • Perspex ‘Table Talkers’ to encourage and remind people to leave their details
  • Full staff training and support to get you started

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