The Benefits Of Digital Billboards In Outdoor Media

I started out as a Marketing Consultant in 2009 when ‘traditional marketing’ such as leaflet campaigns, 48-sheet billboards and Yellow Pages worked well. Since then most of our client work has been ‘Digital’ and totally reliant on the target audience viewing content through computers and smartphones.

However, if the target audience is very local and drives past an Alight Media digital billboard within 200m of the client, why not advertise on the board? Unlike previous 48-sheet billboard campaigns that stayed up until they started to fall off, these digital boards can be changed during the campaign enabling several different adverts to be shown. With planning, this can dramatically change the relevance of the current advert. For example, if there is a heat wave predicted, advertising ‘aircon servicing’ could work really well. If there is a cold snap forecast, such as the ‘Beast from the East’ a Winter servicing offer could be made to check tyres, and antifreeze heating systems.

Will it work… we’ll have to see! It’s certainly driving some brand awareness and will support the 30,000 leaflet drop that starts to go out in a couple of weeks.

I love the idea of digital and traditional marketing coming together in Digital Billboards.

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