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Your marketing is vital to the success of your business, without leads, footfall or enquiries you will not be making the sales you need to generate an income. Marketing is a huge topic and every business has unique requirements based on their sector, product / services, market however, there are five key areas of marketing that have to be addressed by every business, and that is what we can help you with..

We have helped numerous businesses achieve huge improvements to their sales and marketing by providing a high impact Marketing Action Plan.

Here’s what Brides of Wellingborough had to say about the work we did for them:

We decided last year to review our marketing activity for the shop and engaged the services of Activate to write a ‘Marketing Action Plan’. The process involved four consultative meetings with Steve to discuss the marketing we had in place, and plan what we should do to achieve our business objectives. Our Marketing Action Plan has set out key ideas and objectives starting with our website which has since been rebuilt to a far higher specification. We have identified our keywords and started a PPC campaign to increase traffic.

Most importantly our enquiries for January have increased by 30% year on year, dramatically improving our forecast for 2017. Steve is a very knowledgeable and experienced marketing consultant with a clear understanding of lead generation. He was able to work with us and help combine our knowledge of the Bridal sector with his detailed understanding of digital marketing. We would thoroughly recommend his Marketing Action Planning process as a quick and effective method of generating results fast! Thank you Steve.

Becky, Brides of Wellingborough

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